Code of conduct

The following Code of Conduct contains the norms of ethical and moral behavior for the stakeholders of “Yerevan Testing Days”. These standards are applicable to “Yerevan Testing Days” areas, both online and offline, included, but not limited to, our events, forums, etc. Moreover, the Code of Conduct applies to our stakeholders: sponsors, members, community, staff. 

Yerevan Testing Days” has a trustworthy, innovative and supportive community that impacts the development of the software testing industry. We established safe, supportive, trustworthy connections and environment, where each member is given equal opportunities, is eager for growth and adding value to the community. 

Our organization has specific core values that we expect to be adopted by the members of our community. The most valuable assets for us are trust, support, inclusion, openness, kindness, respect, and equality. We provide those values to our community and expect to receive the same treatment. 



We has not established an organization only. We established a community of people that believe in the same values, have similar visions and approaches. We trust each member of our community and are blessed to have the trust of our stakeholders. Moreover, our trust in the vision and targets that we have makes us more dedicated and result-oriented.



Misconduct and unethical behavior affect the workplace environment and the work itself. We strongly believe that there is no such worry that is too small to be reported or reviewed. We created the kind of environment where everyone feels comfortable raising issues and is ready to show support to others. A person, alone, will never be able to do what a co-working team of such individuals can. 



In our workplace environment, we value fair and respectful treatment, access to equal opportunities, and contribution to success that each individual can have. To the extent that we value individuals in our community, we realize the value they can add to achieve various heights. It is of utmost importance for our organization to preserve an environment where inclusion pays off.    



Another core value that plays a crucial role in our company is openness. We are open to new ideas, innovations, positive changes, and various risks that promise rewards. Our members are encouraged not only to openly share their views and thoughts but also be attentive and respectful for that of others. We believe that mutual support comes from being open to accept and interpret constructive ideas. 



We encourages our community members to be prudent and caring. As our actions reflect our thoughts, kind actions are the result of such thoughts. We give care to the members of our community, to our environment, our country, our future, and act appropriately. 



Any community that is not able to show respectful behavior is subject to lose. We cannot achieve impact without both internal and external respect. Not only do we strive to have the respect of others, but we also implement that as a core value of ours. Respect is a type of treatment that helps to get rid of conflicts, misunderstandings, and disagreements. If such situations even happen, it is of high importance to preserve respectful behavior and solve the conflicts in an honorable manner. 



Inside our community and with all our external connections we strongly preserve the concept of equality. Regardless of social background, origins, religion, gender, physical appearances and abilities, political views, age, orientation, expertise, or other virtues we treat individuals the same way.  


 In case you see, experience or are to participate in something you do not accept, respectfully ask for it to stop. Our team is here to provide support in any situation. “Yerevan Testing Days” has the right to suspend or permanently ban access to our online services and events for behavior that does not align with our community principles outlined in this Code of Conduct. 


We cannot always be aware of everything going on, but you can expect that we will do our utmost to address any situation that arose from not following our principles and that shows an unethical approach to our core values. We encourage anyone to come forward if they need support. Anyone violating the Code of Conduct will be subjected to corrective actions. It is of high importance for the Code to be followed thoroughly and promptly, by every single member of our community.